Why can’t quantum entanglement be used for faster than light communication?

Is there an infinite small distance physically?

Why does my light turn on quickly upon switching them on even though electrons have a slow drift velocity?

If I were to take a “frame by frame” video of a hydrogen atom and its electron, would I find the electron moving along a trajectory or teleporting randomly throughout the cloud?

If space is a vacuum, then why doesn’t it suck in all the air from Earth’s atmosphere?

What’s the most common misunderstanding about quantum physics?

Can a photon and an electron be in 2 places at once? What about the neutron?

How can removing energy from a system cause structures to be created? E.g. snowflakes? And can this be leveraged at a macro level?

Among the models of atoms, what is the best that would describe the atoms?

If time has a minimum duration called a planck unit (1 x 10-44 seconds), how can information progress from one unit of time to the next without overlapping itself?

If humans could see non-visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum as well as we see visible light, how “bright” would natural and man-made sources of radiation in those frequencies appear to us?

If an electron can be in two or more places at once, does that mean it has multiple position/coordinate properties?

Does heat dissipate from a human differently when swimming than when play basketball?

Will a bar of chocolate be more likely to shatter into small pieces when dropped on the floor if the chocolate was at -20 degrees F than if it was at a cold but warmer +20F or +40F? And, if so, why?

Who would your starting 5 be if you could pick NBA players from any era? And why?

My daughter was accepted at both Princeton and MIT. She plans on majoring in physics. Which school would be best for her to attend?

Is Arduino good for a beginner in electronic circuits?

What is the most useful piece of advanced mathematics you can teach me in a single answer?

Q.M. measurement discussion #1

Why do electrons in an atom keep a distance from the protons if opposite charges attract? Why don’t electrons crash into the nucleus?

Which telescope should be my first amateur telescope?

I want to buy a power tool that is a 220 volts, 60hz. However we operate using 110 volts, 50hz, What type of transformer to I use?

What is the most worth it speaker on the market?

In Donnie Darko, what did the bunny represent?