JOHN D. AHEARN ҉ San Francisco, CA ҉

Bay Area / Silicon Valley Software Engineer and Manager as needed
Full Stack :: iOS :: AWS :: iOT :: LAMP :: Smart Devices :: EE :: Engineering Physics
I’m passionate about working on new and emerging technologies & will deliver excellent quality from within teams of any size.
References available.
҉ C++ Smart App driven magnetic shock absorption system for off-road vehicles
҉ AWS Amplify-Swift iOS App for workgroup texting/logging and employee profiling
҉ C++ Geriatric fall detection device w/ Smart Network
҉ Smart Devices, Smart Vehicle Suspension, Home Automation, Smart Network, 3D Design & Build, Acoustic & Medical Devices


Senior Software Architect & Operations Manager ҉ EPI Workforce Solutions, Phoenix, AZ 02/20 – present

Skills/Expertises: Java, AngularJS, JQuery, ReactJS, iOS Swift, AWS DyamoDB, Amplify-Swift, PHP, IAM, ApiGateway, Cognito, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, CloudShell, VPC, Linux

Lead developer of MARCA – an AWS based Operations and Resource Management suite for very-large scale mail-in balloting production.

The suite efficiently meets several operational needs by leveraging fast DynamoDB-Java workgroup lookup routines.

I have driven use of MARCA in order to lead EPI teams toward these goals:

  • Implementation of more efficient and accurate payroll processes via external vendor APIs
  • Implementation of EPI policies to coerce digitization and coordination of its large and continually changing staffing pool
  • Tracking of staff profiles, work history and communications
  • Effortless creation and editing of workgroups for purposes of organizing workflow, communications and reporting
  • Efficient coordination of machine operator requirements with EPI admin and staff

I am currently developing and Maintaining an iOS AWS Amplify-Swift version of MARCA. Code repo on Git

Senior Software Architect ҉ Western Neighborhoods Project – A Non Profit, San Francisco, CA 08/21 – present

Skills/Expertises: LAMP, CGI/Perl, 3rd party integrations

WNP’s online presence was suffering from many shortcomings left over from previous and incomplete development.

I was hired to address the following urgent tasks which were all accomplished successfully and on time:

  • The rescue, re-design, re-factor and re-write of a large and failing Membership & POS system
  • The architecture of standard privacy and security policies
  • The architecture of new and efficient routines to address a poor and inefficient integration with MySQL
  • Investigation and correction of mysterious server downtime and poor performance
  • The creation of standard and more intuitive content creation tools via WordPress dependent upon complicated backend tools

Much shell scripting was required and many other complex challenges were addressed. I then moved the entire codebase from a failing ISP to Siteground.

Lead Architect / Engineer ҉ Everphase Intellectual, San Francisco, CA 10/16 – present

Skills/Expertises: C++, iOS Swift, iOS Objective-C, Eclipse, Java, EE, Physics, Material Science

Designs / Develops / Programs/ Manages products and projects:

  • Electronics circuit design and build.
  • Python/C++ software architecture/development.
  • Device design, development and programming.

Products designed and built:

  • Smart magnetic shock absorber system vehicles: successfully addresses safety/control issues on slow rebound for super-fast impact
  • Geriatric care devices w/app (fall detection/inertial switches/open door detect & announce): helped prevent my mother from falling
  • Smart and secure home monitoring / surveillance device network w/app for intruder mapping: protected my home
  • 3D printed Willis-Ekbom (RLS) relief device w/app: for when you cannot sit still in a movie theater
  • Sciatica/lower back nerve pain relief device: this is patentable and one of those unintended discoveries
  • 3D printed durable/strong/precision custom dimensioned tools, fasteners, joints, anything nylon under 11” x 10” x 9”
  • High End Audio remote A/B/X switch with app, acoustic diffusers and absorption panels
  • Lithium-Polymer battery balancer/protection

Senior Software Architect ҉ CoreLogic Dorado Corporation, San Mateo, CA 06/02 – 04/16

Skills/Expertises: Flex 3, Java, Hibernate, Weblogic, XSLT, Oracle, SOAP, Java based JSP-like scripting language for the dynamic creation of Javascript/XML/HTML based presentation layer

I was a lead developer of robust transactional web-based applications for FORTUNE 500 mortgage lending institutions. I managed development teams in U.S. and India by successfully impacting the company, project, coding and various teams via the following contributions …

  • The architecture and coding which drove principal home loan pricing workflow for five end-to-end applications for several top loan originators/lenders.
  • The management of 3-7 person teams via Agile. We architected and implemented Flex, Java and Hibernate solutions for these originators/lenders.
  • The coordination and presentation of new architecture and workflow to high profile clients and managers (i.e. VPs) at these originators/lenders.
  • All applications were successfully seen to pilot and through the production stage.

Senior Software Architect ҉ Aktana, San Francisco, CA 08/11 – 01/12

Skills/Expertises: iOS, Objective-C, Swift, HTML5, AngularJS, JQuery, Google Closure, .NET, C#, Flex, Python, Ruby, LAMP

Researched technologies and platforms to be implemented for field sales solutions


Swift,C/C++, Java, AWS, Twilio, Flex, SQL, Linux, PHP, MySQL, DynamoDB, NoSQL, Hibernate, JavaScript, Python, REST, AngularJS, JQuery, ReactJS, AJAX, XCode, HTML5, DHTML, XML, PHP, ASP, COM, SOAP, Struts, Perl, Swift, Objective C, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Servlets, JNDI, Spring, ActiveX, Weblogic, Linux, Apache, Apache Tomcat, IIS Server, JDBC, ODBC, SQL Server 7, Oracle, Flash, CGI, XSL, XSLT, iOS, Android SDK, Arduino, ESP8266, LulzBot, TINA, Temboo, Phant, GitHub, Kafka, Hadoop, VirtualBox, Ubuntu, Maven, Zigbee, Kubernetes, Eclipse, ant, svn, cygwin, emacs, vi, sed, Putty, Toad, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, cvs, Jira, Cygwin, Visio, DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Perforce, HomeSite, Kawa, Mocha, Mind Mapping Software, Blender, Simplify3D, Slic3r, DaVinci Resolve, Eagle, Fritzing, GoPro



҉ Smart App driven magnetic shock absorption system for off-road vehicles
҉ Geriatric fall detection device w/ Smart Network



M.S. Physics
University of Colorado / Boulder

Finished at top of class with concentration on Quantum Optics and Low-T.
Passed written/oral qualifiers for continuation toward PhD.
Considered offers from JILA PhD thesis advisors – this included Nobel Laureate Eric Cornell.
Chose to begin my career in software instead.

B.S. Engineering Physics
University of California / Berkeley