2020 NBA Draft and Free Agency

Is the 2020 draft pool weaker than years past or stronger? Why are people so sure there aren’t several gems at the top of this class?

With COVID shortening the college season and killing the tourney, and with sports and travel being shut down for months how can even the best talent scouts be sure about what this draft will bring? Specifically, where is the objective thinking that places LaMelo Ball above guys like Advija or other international prospects. How can anyone be so sure Anthony Edwards is a better #1 than say Obi Toppin? Same question even if a GM is trying to choose best player instead of choosing based solely on need.

So many unknowns, but it’s probably a good guess that the guys who know how to find talent are going to succeed even if picking out of the lottery. How will that influence Minnesota and Golden State with their #1 & 2 picks respectively? If everyone agrees those teams should trade their picks then why would a team (like Phoenix just as an example) trade their #10 pick for #2 if there’s a good chance they can get someone similar to an Obi Toppin at #10?

Would be great to know which teams have scouts that defied their respective lockdowns and traveled around meeting with players anyhow. And those players having plenty of time to meet and workout etc etc ..

Unpredictable may be the best word to describe what comes out of this draft. We may not know for a couple years.

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2020 NBA Draft and Free Agency