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The F.D.A. authorizes emergency use of a new virus treatment.
This is what it will take to get us back outside
F.D.A. plans to announce the emergency use of remdesivir as a virus treatment
The Infection That’s Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients
Early results from a clinical trial of the experimental drug remdesivir reportedly show promising results
NY Times – Asthma Is Absent Among Top Covid-19 Risk Factors, Early Data Shows
NY Times – The Coronavirus Is Mutating. What Does That Mean for a Vaccine?
NY Times – For Runners, Is 15 Feet the New 6 Feet for Social Distancing?
NY Times – Why We Don’t Know the True Death Rate for Covid-19
NEJM – Disease Control, Civil Liberties, and Mass Testing — Calibrating Restrictions during the Covid-19 Pandemic
NY Times – How far can the virus really travel in air?
NY Times – Who Is Immune to the Coronavirus?
Wash Post – How to conduct coronavirus research at pandemic speed
NY Times – Embracing the Uncertainties
Why the Coronavirus Has Been So Successful
BBC – Why Death and Mortality Rates Differ
Interview: Why a volunteer decided to get the coronavirus vaccine
Face masks: can they slow coronavirus spread – and should we be wearing them?
NY Times – What’s the Best Material for a Mask?
NEJM – A Sneeze
Study – Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks
Face Mask Disinfection & Sterilization for Viruses
NY Times – A Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci
60 Minutes Australia – Journalist goes undercover at “wet markets”, where the Coronavirus started
How Are You Feeling? Surveys Aim to Detect Covid-19 Hot Spots Early
If everyone wears a mask, individuals protect one another
WHO Reviews ‘Available’ Evidence On Coronavirus Transmission Through Air
Supercomputers Recruited To Hunt For Clues To A COVID-19 Treatment
How The Novel Coronavirus And The Flu Are Alike … And Different
Coronavirus 101: What you need to know
What scientists do and don’t know about treating coronavirus
How some cities ‘flattened the curve’ during the 1918 flu pandemic
How coronavirus mutations can track its spread—and disprove conspiracies
The coronavirus spares most kids. These theories may help explain why.
State by State projections: Why you must act now
VIDEO: Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks with NBA’s Stephen Curry about “herd immunity” and contracting the virus more than once (10:12 timestamp)
VIDEO: Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks with NBA’s Stephen Curry about determining if someone has been infected and then recovered (17:26 timestamp)
VIDEO: Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks with NBA’s Stephen Curry about face masks (22:05 timestamp)
Charting the coronavirus pandemic state by state
NY Times – Can You Become Immune to the Coronavirus? It’s likely you can, at least for some period of time.
Blood from recovered patients being tested as COVID-19 treatment
NY Times – Is It OK to Take a Walk?
How reliable is WHO coronavirus data?
Hidden data is revealing the true scale of the coronavirus outbreak
NY Times – The Exponential Power of Now
NY Times – Welcome to the Virosphere.
Why outbreaks like COVID-19 spread exponentially
Coronavirus vaccine: when will it be ready?
NY Times – Hundreds of Scientists Scramble to Find a Coronavirus Treatment
NY Times – Your Nose Itches. Is It Allergies, Flu or the Coronavirus?
NY Times – Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Sticks to the facts
Dr. Anthony S. Fauci – Navigating the Uncharted
China study of 2,143 children: analyzing the data.
CDC – Water transmission and COVID-19
Coronavirus Symptoms: Defining Mild, Moderate And Severe
Coronavirus can live on plastic, steel surfaces for days, study finds
Information is Beautiful – COVID-19 DATA PACK

Commentary And General Interest
NY Times – Trump Has Emergency Powers We Aren’t Allowed to Know About
NY Times – Critics blast W.H.O. over COVID-19 response
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally — The U.S. Response to Covid-19
Ten Weeks to Crush the Curve
NY Times – Why Outdoor Farmers’ Markets Matter More Than Ever
Seattle man’s misdiagnosis highlights challenges around coronavirus testing
NY Times – Germany Has Relatively Few Deaths From Coronavirus. Why?
NY Times – Check Is in the Mail? For Many Bill Payers, It Won’t Be
NY Times – We Must Vote in November. This Is How to Ensure That We Can.
NY Times – Nurses Share Coronavirus Stories Anonymously in an Online Document
NY Times – You’ve Got Mail. Will You Get the Coronavirus?
Bill Gates Explains How He Would Fight Coronavirus if He Were U.S. President
NY Times – The Wealthy Flee Coronavirus. Vacation Towns Respond: Stay Away.
Grocery Stores Are the Coronavirus Tipping Point
What Happens If Health-Care Workers Stop Showing Up?
NY Times – Density Is Normally Good for Us. That Will Be True After Coronavirus, Too.
NY Times – Red vs. Blue on Coronavirus Concern: The Gap Is Still Big but Closing
NY Times – Why Doctors and Nurses Are Anxious and Angry
NY Times – Which countries have flattened their curve?
India’s First Line Of Defense Against The Coronavirus Is An Army Of 900,000 Women Without Masks Or Hand Sanitizer
NY Times – Your Nose Itches. Is It Allergies, Flu or the Coronavirus?
What the military can and can’t do in a coronavirus response


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