2018-2019 Regular Season

I’m starting this post early in order to flow more easily from the Draft and Free Agency post. And because SI came out with their NBA top 100 list.


Surprises there as always, which I know is part of the point. Plenty of commentary to follow.

Another reason to start early is simply that the league will shift dramatically because of off-season changes. In short many more things to watch for and discuss this year starting with LeBron’s move West, Kawhi’s move East, Hayward’s effect on what is already an incredible Boston team, Warrior Boogie, Philly hype that Fultz has his shot back and the incredible talent coming in from the new draft class.

One thing I wonder going into the season: will this season be different in that several teams unlikely to make the playoffs will still be among the most interesting to follow? Suns, Dallas, Orlando, Clippers to name 4 that are likely to provide entertainment showing off some great new talent. I don’t remember any other year when their was excitement from so many teams that likely have no chance at the playoffs.

Anyhow, the early timing here is mostly because of SI’s list of it’s top 100 players. Here are the top 50 plus a few that come after that. The comments floor is now OPEN!

1. LeBron
2. Durant
3. Curry
4. Harden
5. Davis
6. Antetokounmpo
7. Westbrook
8. Paul
9. Embiid
10. Butler
11. George
12. Kawhi

13. Draymond
14. Gobert
15. Lillard
16. Horford
17. Irving
18. Jokic
19. Towns
20. Oladipo
21. Aldridge
22. Klay
23. Lowry
24. Wall

25. Hayward
26. Simmons
27. Beal
28. Middleton
29. Holiday (Jrue)
30. DeRozan
31. Love
32. Kemba
33. McCollum
34. Mitchell
35. Capela
36. Conley

37. Millsap
38. Adams (Steven)
39. Tatum
40. Marc Gasol
41. Griffin
42. Porter (Otto)
43. Jordan (DeAndre)
44. Harris (Gary)
45. Dragic
46. Drummond
47. Brown (Jaylen)
48. Covington

49. Gordon (Eric)
50. Booker
52. Porzingas
61. Lou Williams
65. Tobias Harris
66. Gordon (Aaron)
67. Turner (Myles)
68. Boogie
75. Brandon Ingram
85. Tucker (PJ)
87. Iguodala

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2018-2019 Regular Season