2017-2018 Regular Season

The 2017-2018 season kicked off Tuesday with two highly anticipated matchups, but the play came second to the concern for Gordon Hayward who broke his tibia and dislocated his ankle 5 minutes into his first game as a Celtic. Two days later the news isn’t as bad as feared and after surgery he’s expected to make a full recovery and could possibly make it back for the playoffs.

Of note early on are players Jaylen Brown, Ben Simmons, Clint Capella, LaMarcus Aldridge, Hassan Whiteside,  Wall n Beal, Mike Conley, Greek Freak, Tobias Harris and the Twin Towers of N’Orleans all having outstanding debuts. Boogie with 7 blocks!

On the other side was some unwatchable basketball from the likes of the Wolves and the Suns, each team appearing un-coached. Horrible offense. No plan.

Of special note if one game means anything, the Jazz brought a surprising full-team effort to stymie what should be a promising Nuggets team. Not the game Jokic wanted out of the gate, but just what the Jazz needed after losing Hayward to the Celtics earlier this summer.

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2017-2018 Regular Season